Sunday, November 10, 2013

Recent works

I have been so busy travelling to see bemaw and papaw and uncle matt and with my birthday and with all kinds of things that I have forgotten to show you my most recent paintings and drawings... The drawing is a monster with big eyes and teeth catching a spider and he has really long arms too ...daddy made me an almond butter/nutella sandwich with edimame chips for me to work on posting my things today...I will put more here soon but I was using a new color palette for my watercolors and have been doing some more animations too... I hope you like them. xoxo ~AIM


  1. Avery I'm just so proud of how much you have taken to painting...and most recently animation. The thing that makes me smile the most is how focused and intent you are on what you're's a sign of joy in making art and I hope that spirit never leaves you as long as you do it. Love Daddy

  2. Avery: John and I have been enjoying your posts! We noticed that you and your daddy seem to have similar tastes in colors, how interesting! Keep up the great work :) <3 Sarah and John