Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Morning Painting

sometimes i like to wake up and go to my daddys studio to draw or paint. i wanted my baby doll to see me paint so i put her up on the desk to watch and my dinosaurs, too. my bebe and daddy have plates that have these colors so i wanted to use them today. i used more yellow because they only have a few plates yellow. i made circles too. i eat pumkin pancakes now. xo~AIM


  1. Avery I really like this one...the colors you chose are really beautiful and ones that your daddy uses a lot too! You kept yelling MORE YELLOW so it seems like you wanted this one to be warmer than your other paintings. And LOTS of circles in there too! Very well balanced composition as well!

    Love you!

  2. This is quite a departure from your previous palette. I find myself wondering about the changes in your personal life that brought on such a departure from your darker work. Regardless of the source of your inspiration, it is a welcome and refreshing change! Keep up the good work, Little One!